"Good Architecture in China": Integrating Traditional Lighting Intelligence

Today's buildings are becoming more and more integrated, and the market has higher and higher requirements for the quality of buildings. The owners' vision is also becoming wider and wider. In addition to improving the design level of architects, the ability to integrate is also increasing. How to better integrate owners, architects, interior designers, and lighting designers is crucial.

On October 16, hosted by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd., the second Guangzhou Station of the 5th International Conference on Light and Shadow Spaces hosted by Aladdin Lighting Network will be held at Yifu Science Museum, South China University of Technology, 107. Will gather in Guangzhou, and then explore the "light" with the puzzle. The summit will be honored to invite Professor Zhao Honghong, a professor and doctoral tutor of the School of Architecture of South China University of Technology, and Dean Dean Zhao Honghong to attend and serve as guest speakers. As an architect of the six-party field, he will share his architectural design and lighting design. Collaboration and case analysis.

Prior to this, Aladdin Lighting Network reporter interviewed Zhao Honghong, in-depth exploration of its architectural design concepts and architectural lighting unique insights.

Good Architecture in China: Integrating Traditional Cultural Elements with Local Conditions

Zhao Honghong told reporters that the design of the “Dayi Mountain Villa” luxury villa is his most proud work, which best reflects his personal architectural design concept.

Located in the north of Baiyun Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Dayi Villa is a rare low-rise ultra-high-end villa project in the center of Guangzhou City. It has been rated as “the most expensive luxury house in China” for many years. The designers of each of its villas are internationally renowned. Masters, each villa has its own style. In terms of architectural design, the Taiyi Villa can be described as "different designs."

Among the freshman villa projects, Zhao Honghong's design villas have been welcomed by the people. When talking to the Aladdin Lighting Network reporter about his architectural design concept, he thought there were two conditions for being called "a good building": "I think the building is good, the first one is easy to use, one building is not easy to use, and it exists. At the most, advertising value is the value, so buildings, especially high-rise buildings, cannot violate the basic characteristics of structure, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance to pursue so-called novelty.Of course, all users hope that the higher the building, the more weird, the more advertising. The effect is more famous, but from the point of view of use, construction is not good enough.Secondly, I will see if it is a low-carbon, energy-efficient building. Now many high-rise buildings use a glass curtain wall, using a very strange shape, with It has come to its high cost, not an energy-saving building, not a low-carbon building. So this is one of the criteria we use to judge whether a building is good or not. There are actually many criteria for judging, but I will look at these two things first.”

There are many architectural designs today that have a special sense of art, but it will cause controversy, such as the new CCTV building, Suzhou's "Oriental Gate." In the face of these strangely shaped buildings, Zhao Honghong commented: "I don't think they are beautiful and don't think they are good."

His architectural design philosophy first advocated "according to local conditions." “We must pay attention to the local geography, climate and environment. For example, if our climate in Guangdong is humid, rainy and hot, it would not be a good design if we do not follow the climate characteristics. Therefore, the architectural design must be adapted to local conditions and meet the needs of the local environment.” In addition, he also stated that there are modern architecture and traditional architecture in the building classification, as well as some local architectures. The architecture design should absorb local culture and traditional culture as much as possible. “Now the architectural design is becoming more and more internationalized, and the urbanization is also growing more and more. Especially in the new areas and development areas of the city, almost everywhere in the country, the same is true of the land, the building is also like that, and the material is also that way. Even the planting of green plants and the lighting night scene are all the same, lack of personality, lack of locality, and lack of features, so our architectural design cannot be copied and imitated,” he said.

Today's architectural design seems to have such a tendency to begin to ignore functionalities and practicality, and it is biased in appearance, styling, ignorance, ventilation, lighting, practicality, and economics. Zhao Honghong himself also clarified this point: "I don't object to special-shaped buildings. For example, some landmarks need to consider particularity. But in most buildings, I'm very against the peculiar shape. I think the architecture should have personality. It does not mean that the construction cost is high and the energy consumption is high.The building designed by Nappa, which is designed by Na Pulitzer Prize, is not a costly building, but it is a unique building with individuality.It absorbs the Chinese traditional culture. The landscape culture takes into account the natural ventilation and lighting in use, taking into consideration the use of elevators, natural house types, and low carbon, but these do not mean there is no personality.”

According to Zhao Honghong, in fact, many architects nowadays are mainly imitations at the initial stage of design, and they lack the level of innovation themselves. Therefore, the works designed also lack their own personality and ideas. However, this is a stage of development. On the other hand, the domestic "thousand-city-one-side" development model has always been criticized by people. The main reason is nothing more than the current national development of urbanization is a standard, then under the same standards, under a standard foot, there will be " Thousands of cities are also expected.

Difficulties in design: lack of communication between architects and lighting engineers

In addition to the simple overall spatial form and architectural design, the nightscape lighting has also become a pivotal part of urban development and has become a card for the city's image. With the increasing emphasis on government units, the bidding process for lighting projects in municipal projects has become increasingly cumbersome. Zhao Honghong, dean, professor and doctoral tutor of School of Architecture of South China University of Technology, also stated that when he took over an architectural project, it was the lack of communication with the lighting designer that caused the problem of bidding.

“For example, if the government wants to develop a new urban area, it is generally first to let us do a city's form design, from space to modelling. At this time, the lights have not yet been accessed. After the city's design plan was finalized, we finished the whole. The design of city control, the government redistributes the landscape, does the lighting, and does the lighting as one of the professional parts.Because the bidding is separate, the bidding for the lighting is another, for us it is only afterwards to cooperate with the lighting technician. The problem of bidding and bidding has caused architectural designers and lighting designers to work together less well." Zhao Honghong believes that the lack of a mechanism is how to more closely match architectural design and lighting design in projects. His suggestion is that the sooner the two parties work together, the better. The earlier the communication, the better.

In fact, for outdoor lighting, the best time for lighting design intervention is after the building design is completed and the design of the curtain wall is deepened. The reason is that on the one hand, the building design has been finalized. On the other hand, the curtain wall design needs to be deepened. There is room for combining with architecture and all parties are designed to avoid repetitive tasks.

From the perspective of being an architect, Zhao Honghong believes that establishing an early and effective communication mechanism with lighting designers is particularly important for architectural design. In the same way, lighting design plays a very important role in any urban construction project. Lighting design is inseparable from specific visible carriers such as buildings and roads. The functional positioning of various carriers is clear, and lighting requirements with different functional properties are set differently. On the other hand, architectural lighting, especially indoor lighting, lighting design needs to be perfectly integrated with the space decoration design. Good lighting design may bring about improvement of interior decoration design. Therefore, lighting designers who want to obtain good design inspiration and design effects must also establish effective communication and close links with architects and project engineers. An in-depth understanding of the project is the key to the success of lighting design.

Emphasis on the importance of indoor lighting environment to promote LED intelligent lighting

According to Zhao Honghong, due to the promotion of government nightlights and lighting associations and manufacturers, the “light” has changed from the initial functional concept to the current artistic concept, not only the lighting function, but also the art. Appreciate value. However, judging from the current situation, outdoor lighting is better than indoor lighting. He believes that the level of indoor light environment design needs to be improved. “I think that everyone attaches less importance to the indoor light environment of many buildings because the indoor light environment is the focus of Party A. The outdoor light environment is the government’s attention. Party A can light up the environment according to general standards. In fact, the indoor light environment is very Important." Zhao Honghong said.

“In the past, there was no money to illuminate, and the brightness was very low. The illumination was not enough; now it was a bit too bright. The bright problem was solved, but the art is not enough. How the artistic indoor light environment needs to continue to strengthen; Artistic combination, because the lighting is not as bright as possible, not as good as it seems. Sometimes when you see some hotel restaurants, the downlights on the ceiling are dense and large, but the atmosphere is not good. The design level of the indoor light environment needs to be improved, and the intelligence of the indoor lighting needs to be valued by us.” Zhao Honghong said to Aladdin Lighting Network reporter.

In the architectural design project, Zhao Honghong found that the use of LED lighting is not universal, especially the popularity of indoor LED lighting is far from enough. "Maybe it's still more expensive," he said. The high price has always been the “stumbling block” for LED lighting is not popular, so that LED lighting can only be applied to outdoor lighting, especially municipal engineering construction projects. He said that he is more advocating the use of LED lighting, especially for indoor light environment, can make indoor lighting change control rich, color temperature, whether light or dark can be controlled independently, the future of indoor lighting should be biased towards intelligent lighting.

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