Freescale's LED driver IC for 10 to 17-inch LCD backlights (Figure)

Freescale Semiconductor has marketed the LED driver IC "MC34845" for backlights for 10 to 17-inch LCD panels. It can drive six white LED strings (when the LED components are connected in series). The maximum number of LEDs that can be connected to each white LED string is 16. Therefore, a total of up to 96 white LEDs can be driven.
The basic configuration of the white LED driving circuit is a step-up DC-DC converter. Integrated power MOS FET with a maximum output current of 2.0A. The input voltage range is +5.0 to 21V, and the output voltage is up to +60V. The current supplied to the LED string is in the range of 3.0m to 30mA, which can be adjusted with an external resistor. The supply current deviation between the LED strings is ±2%.
There are two products in accordance with the switching frequency of the DC-DC converter. They are the MC34845 at 600kHz and the MC34845A at 1.2MHz. A dimming function based on a 100 kHz PWM signal is also available. The dimming range is 50,000 to 1. In addition, it has an LED open/short protection function, an overvoltage protection function that allows the user to set the threshold voltage, and a low voltage shutdown function. The current consumption when shutting down is up to 1μA.
It is available in a 24-terminal QFN package with a 4mm x 4mm x 0.65mm form factor. The operating temperature range is -40 to +85 °C. Sample shipments have begun. The unit price when purchasing 10,000 units in bulk is $1.15.

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