Expo Lights: "China Red" in the Low Carbon Age

The climate is chaotic and low carbon is coming. From the Bird's Nest in Beijing to the Seven Star Sailing Hotel in Dubai, WWF's “Earth Hour” campaign attracted 1/7 of the Earth's response. Even the netizens are hotly discussing whether the Shanghai World Expo should also be turned off for an hour. In fact, the lighting effects of the Expo have already attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. According to internal news from relevant departments of the World Expo, one of the highlights of this year’s World Expo tourism is the lighting effect known as “China Red”. It is a "light and shadow Expo" created by the Chinese in the low-carbon era.

Expo Lights "Espionage"

The World Expo has not yet officially opened, and the "spy" of the lanterns has gone. According to reports, the lighting effects of the Shanghai World Expo will show different personalities depending on the theme of each venue, such as the “Happy Lights” created by the US Pavilion, the “Emotional Lighting” created by the French Pavilion, and the “Metal” created by the German Pavilion. Light" and so on. The distinctive venues and the radiant lighting effects complement each other, making the Expo Park under the night beautiful. It is understood that these colorful and colorful lighting effects come from the Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Sanxiong, Aurora Lighting and other institutions for several years of meticulous cooperation.

Chinese folks have customary lighting practices since ancient times, especially in the first month, playing lanterns is a fixed ancient program, even in the north of the few cold days, there are lively festival of ice lanterns. With the lighting commissioning of many venues in the Shanghai World Expo Park, the tourists who are going to Shanghai are eager to enjoy the lights. "This year's World Expo will sell tickets for the night market. If you are planning to visit the people in the park, you must take time to go to the park at night." According to the person in charge of the night lighting design of the Expo Park, the one-axis and four-storey museums must be seen at night. Attractions.

The lanterns don't forget to save energy, and energy conservation has become a topic of concern to the whole people. It is reported that the Axis and Four Pavilions mainly use Sanxiong Aurora LED technology to replace traditional lighting tools in a large area, which greatly reduces the lighting energy consumption and breaks through the lighting limitations of traditional light sources. It is particularly worth mentioning that the line-type lamps of the China Pavilion mainly use the T5 light source of Sanxiong·Aurora high color rendering, and the new generation of HID metal halide electronic ballasts, which can further enhance the “China Red” at night. Visual effects, more artistic expression and appeal.

Low Carbon China's "Light and Shadow Expo"

In order to create a festive atmosphere of “China Red” in the low-carbon era, this Expo will be painstaking and demanding in terms of energy-saving effects of lighting equipment. Taking the one-axis and four-column projects as an example, the Shanghai World Expo Group organized a global tender for the “Expo Axis Intelligent Lighting Control System”. Sanxiong·Aurora, GE, Osram and other domestic and foreign brands are solved with advanced energy-saving technologies and integrated lighting design. The program won the bid, and the local brand Sanxiong Aurora has become the most important lighting equipment supplier in the Expo venue after the Olympic venue.

According to the reporter's understanding, as the Chinese government continues to increase its guidance in the field of lighting and energy conservation, this year's World Expo has completely abandoned the old-style light bulbs, mainly using energy-saving lamps and LED products of the winning brand, saving about 90% on the basis of ensuring brightness. The energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to a lesser extent. As an official of the Shanghai Municipal Government said: The 184-day Shanghai World Expo venue, even if the "China Red" night, is even more energy-efficient than the previous World Expo 10 days.

“It’s better to save energy when it’s turned off.” An expert from the China Lighting Association pointed out that Shanghai’s “Light and Shadow Expo”, jointly created by Tongji University, Sanxiong Aurora, and GE, is not only a classic case of energy-saving lighting projects. It also reflects the "low carbon thinking" with Chinese characteristics.

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