Emerald: solid capacitor + super capacitor into a sharp edge

The LED industry was once popular as a scent, and energy-saving lamp manufacturers and other capitals could not withstand the temptation to transform into the LED industry.

However, due to the excessive concentration of the market, the LED lighting industry has experienced frequent homogenization and price competition in the past two years. At the same time, LED lighting products have gradually matured, and the market price has dropped sharply. Entering the bidding cycle, the product gross profit level has been greatly reduced.

In the field of LED capacitors, which are the core components of power supplies, it is also difficult to escape the fate of being affected. It is understood that in 2015, the overall revenue of LED capacitor companies showed a downward trend. Among them, many companies were eventually forced to announce the withdrawal of the LED capacitor market.

In fact, the survival of the fittest in the industry is conducive to the sustainable development of cost-effective and good quality brands.

The LED capacitor leader Emerald (831804) is able to grow rapidly against the trend. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, Emerald has accumulated a strong competitive advantage in the field of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It has advanced capacitor production technology, and its product technology is at the leading domestic and international advanced level. It has become one of the few domestic capacitors. One of the companies with technical solution capabilities.

It is undeniable that the aluminum electrolytic capacitors for the drive power series developed by Emerald have been the first in the high-end drive power market for LED lighting. At present, the voltage of solid capacitor products has become the industry leader.

In addition, on January 16, 2015, Emerald completed a gorgeous turn and successfully listed the new three boards. Faced with new challenges and opportunities in the LED lighting industry, the successful listing has made Emerald a leap forward in building a global technology-based capacitor industry.

Zhang Xiaobo, general manager of Emerald, said, “Since 2016, the LED capacitor market has shown signs of recovery. It is expected that the performance of Emerald will increase significantly this year.”

According to the high-tech LED reading data, Emerald is able to cope with the survival of the fittest in the industry, and can ensure the sustainable development of brand enterprises with high cost performance and good quality. In 2015, the company continued to invest more than 9.3 million yuan in research and development on new products and new projects.

“This year, our key layout products are mainly small-volume high-capacity solid-state capacitors, high-voltage solid-state capacitors and new supercapacitors. At present, our new solid-state capacitors have been mass-produced. In addition, in the market layout, we will Both the domestic market and the overseas market are caught." Zhang Xiaobo told Gaogong LED.

In fact, Emerald has also been funded for the production of supercapacitors and solid capacitor expansion, as well as marketable long-life electrolytic capacitors, and will achieve new product sales revenue of more than 50% within two years.

“Undoubtedly, successful listing has greatly promoted corporate finance. In addition, the listing can also quickly enhance the brand awareness of the company and gain greater recognition from customers; it also stimulates the enthusiasm of employees. "Zhang Xiaobo finally mentioned.

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