Don't miss the highlights of CES 2016

Don't miss the highlights of CES 2016

Sony new processor battle continues

As the most benchmarking grand opening event in the global electronics industry, CES (International Consumer Electronics Exhibition) has for decades continuously presented top-notch scientific and technological achievements that are highly innovative and referential from all over the world. , never give up appointments, and never start filling up. The persistence of the high-level display platform and its responsibility to carry the direction of the electronics industry have made CES a well-deserved window for the high-tech pilgrimage to the electronics industry and the future of the world.

CES 2016 will open in the United States on January 6 a few days later. There is no doubt that this exhibition will also be a splendid revelry for new electronic products in various fields. The more approachable it is, the more irritating it is. For this reason, this article carefully selects the most representative or innovative products and technologies in their respective fields to make a forecast summary. On the one hand, it is fortunate to be able to visit the scene later. They provide "hors hors d'oeuvres", on the other hand, they hope to provide high-value first-hand information for the "majority" who can only look far away from the ocean.

Earlier Sony’s CES 2016 consumer electronics show’s invitation appeared on the mobile phone screen, so it’s almost certain that Sony will use this treasure to launch a new machine. Although Sony’s official has remained tight-lipped about it so far, according to the most reliable source, Sony’s announcement should be the new Xperia A series.

Although there are also many people speculating that Sony may launch the new flagship Xperia Z6, according to analysis by foreign media, since the launch date of the Xperia Z5 is September this year, if the Xperia Z6 is launched in January 2016, the interval between the two Too short, the consequence is that it may affect the sales of the Z5 series, so the probability of launching the Z6 is not very large for the time being.

The reason why the Xperia A series is most likely to be new is because the so-called “informers” who always have unclear boundaries between insiders and outsiders displayed a series of renderings of suspected Xperia A Series on Weibo. "Bare" implies that Sony will launch a new Xperia A series at this CES 2016 show.

If indeed, as expected, then this series of new products should be the international version of Xperia A specifically for Japan, and does not rule out the possibility of upgrading some of the hardware configuration.

It should be pointed out that since only another MWC (Mobile World Congress) will be held in just over a month, the new mobile phones that can be seen at CES may not be as much as expected. However, related mobile phone chip manufacturers are absolutely not absent. For example, two chip manufacturers, Nvidia and Qualcomm, respectively launched the Tegra X1 and Snapdragon 810 processors at CES2015. Therefore, there is reason to believe that this time CES2016 will surely appear. The diametrically opposed battle scene. What can be expected at present is to meet the mobile phone demonstration that carries Snapdragon 820 processor certainly, it is also alleged that Intel's Atom processor or may also be listed among them, and Tegra X1 is due to power consumption and other reasons and the mobile phone product gradually recedes, At present, it looks like it has found its home in the automotive and other fields. It is believed that it will bring other products besides mobile phones. However, it cannot completely negate the possibility that mobile applications will appear. After all, everyone is looking forward to their series with Xiaolong again. Showdown.

Smart Home will shine again at CES

Many people should still remember the lively scene of smart home products at CES 2015. If there is no accident, CES2016 will pay more attention to smart home products than ever before. According to industry analysis, the global smart home equipment and services market will grow at an annual rate of 8%-10% in the next five years, and the market size will reach US$68 billion by 2018!

At present, there is a widespread phenomenon in China. Even though the concept of smart homes is overwhelming, the understanding of relevant products and technologies among ordinary people is still in an extremely elementary stage, not to mention the practical and systematic participation in the use of smart home products. Therefore, "how smart homes really landed" has become a hot topic of heated discussion. And there is a smart home product that was recently officially recognized as the CES Innovation Award (Innovations Design and Engineering Awards).

Very gratifying is that this product comes from mainland China, the product name is also very local characteristics, called the "Goku i8." The reason why this product is very special is that it appears in the important stage of the transformation of traditional home appliances to intelligent, and thus it has successfully undertaken the key responsibility of promoting intelligent home appliances.

Don't miss the highlights of CES 2016 consumer electronics

The Wukong i8 is an artifact that enables the traditional air conditioner to instantly transform into an intelligent device. The use of an ordinary socket design can completely ignore the impact on the original decoration. Through the simple connection, it can realize the intelligent remote control of the air conditioner in the mobile phone APP. In terms of function realization, such as open and close, hot and cold, and high-end such as maintenance self-check, usage habits, performance monitoring and other real-time information acquisition and control, Can correspond to a remote implementation. In addition, the product can also be controlled according to the user's habits, targeted room temperature automatic control to achieve intelligent constant temperature, child lock and protection and other intimate functions, more importantly, for the air-conditioning household electricity, Wukong i8 can be targeted Users are accustomed to smart regulation, and they act as “electricity stewards” and control household energy consumption within the most reasonable range.

After investigation, it was found that the product launch maker Galaxywind (Galaxy News) is currently dedicated to the stage of smart home related technologies and products. Not only has the Wukong i8 been further developed into the “WeChat version” and “Enhanced Edition” in just one year. The three series of “commercial editions”, as well as several home branch products such as intelligent lighting, intelligent environmental control and intelligent modules, are undergoing in-depth research and development.

This product is currently sold in China, and a full range of smart home products from Galaxywind will be displayed again at CES2016.

Oculus appeared in the virtual reality explosion year

2016 will be a crucial year for the VR (Virtual Reality) market. As we all know, Sony, HTC and Facebook (Oculus), the world’s three most anticipated virtual reality device manufacturers, will all launch their top heavyweight VR products this year. As the best venue for preliminary testing, CES2016 will undoubtedly As one of the major players of major technology players, so the products like PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will almost certainly come out at CES.

Virtual reality is the top of Facebook's three most promising technologies. Its Oculus Rift, which is a headset-based VR product, has attracted the public's appetite in recent years. The launch date of the consumer version has been pushed back several times, but in view of the fact that each time the reason is “further upgrading and perfecting”, the people are not only not provoked, but instead make the expectation of vision more and more full.

According to previous information on the Oculus Rift retail release details announcement, Oculus VR is in full cooperation with Microsoft, retail version Oculus Rift will be bundled with an Xbox One handle and corresponding Win10 wireless adapter at the time of sale, formally this year The updated Win10 also provides native driver support for this virtual product. Even more pleasing is that Oculus Rift supports the streaming of Xbox One's game screen through Win10 to the eyepiece screen, so players can use it directly as a display device for the game console.

Another highlight is the Oculus Touch, which is the exclusive control device of the Oculus Rift. The device is divided into two parts, the right and left hands, which can sense the orientation of the palm and arms, angles, etc., and has a built-in haptic feedback system. It can convey the tactile sensation of the game to the player's fingers, and can be implemented with multiple buttons and joysticks. Different from the traditional new operating experience.

The Vice President of Oculus Products has revealed that the price of the entire set is at least US$300, but it seems to be bargain on the part containing the headset, the sensor and the Xbox One handle.

Do you still need to watch Samsung?

In 2015, the wearable market has grown more intense than in previous years. Although Apple's Apple Watch is like a thunderous and silent movement, it is even hidden from real sales, but it is difficult to stop other colleagues from continuing to pursue explosives. . Samsung's insistence on innovation in recent years is quite impressive. After the continuous launch of the SAMSUNG Gear smart watch product series, this is expected to see a more innovative smart watch at CES: Gear A.

Judging from the current renderings, Samsung Gear A has changed the dial to a round shape, which is a more avant-garde style than previous generations. This design seems to be more in line with the public's aesthetic. The system interface designed by this watch is beautiful and concise. It is the Samsung's own Tizen system UX interface, which provides the most valuable differentiating features of the product.

In addition, Samsung GearA will also have a "Digital Crown" feature that can rotate the entire dial. Configuration aspects. Samsung GearA will carry an Exynos 3472 dual-core processor with a GPU running at 450MHz Mali-400, 768MB of memory, 4G storage space, Bluetooth 4.1, and 250mAh battery. In addition, the product supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS with accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart rate monitors, magnetic sensors, pressure sensors, and UV sensors. However, there was no camera. This was slightly unexpected.

GoPro Brings Drones to NAS Nirvana to Reborn?

The drone market in 2015 is also quite a story. The various drone security incidents are accompanied by the introduction of relevant drone supervision regulations around the world. All these phenomena actually indicate the rapid development of drones and their absence. Can not be the potential of technology. At CES2016, it is foreseen that a large number of drone manufacturers will bring the most cutting-edge products to a fierce battle for the air.

Speaking of drones, many people will think of DJI first. It has been working with GoPro for a long time. However, with the rapid increase in the strength of Dajiang, and GoPro increasingly no longer halo, coupled with some differences in the two companies' strategies, DJI finally decided not to rely on GoPro. GoPro, meanwhile, officially announced its entry into the UAV sector in 2015.

GoPro is most likely to display the drone product at CES2016. It should be the new product called Karma. In fact, on the official website GoPro has already announced the drone's functional test video. Although the video did not mention too much drone information, GoPro founder Nick Woodman's narration in the video has set off the industry. People's guesses. He said: "It's just as you move freely in your dreams, go where you want to go, in the way you like..."

There are professional foreign media analysis, which actually suggests that the Karma drone is equipped with a 360-degree camera. This is not surprising, GoPro sports camera has always been known for accessories rich, 360-degree panoramic photography and other functions are already ready-made technology, it is not difficult to introduce on the drone. However, the addition of panoramic technology, to a certain extent, can greatly enhance the competitiveness of Karma drones.

VR? intelligent? robot? LG said that all three are

It is reported that the highlight of CES2016 is the number of robotics, because 71% of the exhibition space is reserved for robots. It is reported that about 20 merchant groups will participate in the exhibition in the robotics field to introduce their latest robotics technology and products in the areas of commercial production, health management, and entertainment interaction.

It is reported that LG will launch an augmented reality product, but it is not a wearable device but a sweeping robot. This product, named HOM-BOT Turbo, is a vacuum sweeping robot using augmented reality technology. Likewise, LG chose to exhibit this product at CES2016 International Consumer Electronics Show.

LG said that the biggest difference between the HOM-BOT Turbo and ordinary sweeping robots is the trajectory. It is understood that three cameras are installed on the body of the HOM-BOT Turbo sweeping robot, which can be used together with the augmented reality technology on the mobile phone application to draw the outline of the entire room. In this way, the user can see the specific location of the robot on the mobile phone, and can also direct it to clean a specific corner. It is worth mentioning that the HOM-BOT Turbo sweeping robot is not only clean, it can also be used for home security protection. When the user is not at home, the HOM-BOT Turbo will automatically enable the dynamic recognition function. Once abnormal conditions in the home are found, it will send the screen to the user's mobile phone.


From these collected highlights, it can be seen that CES is praiseworthy for consumer electronics weathervane. Many innovative products that represent the industry, various fields of technology and design trends, without exception, see it as the first stop to the world, and the related The industry has also gained inspiration and lessons from this, especially in the smart homes that are currently in full swing in China. The product “The Wukong i8” can be said to be one of the best works that the industry has emerged from the falsification of “pseudo-intelligence”. Will other more valuable products or other more innovative companies emerge at CES2016? We will wait and see.

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