Decolor photoelectric 360-degree stereo screen leads the development of LED industry

As a local integrated operation service provider specializing in the development, production and sales of LED display and LED lighting products, Shenzhen Decolor Optoelectronics () has always regarded LED display technology research and development as its core competitiveness, following the industry. After the introduction of the LED outdoor full-color flexible display series, Decolor Optoelectronics cooperated with customers' special environmental requirements to create the industry's first three-dimensional circular display and door (arc) display.

LED shaped display---three-dimensional circular display

At present, there are many enterprises engaged in the production of LED display screens in China. At the same time, due to the high price of LED display screens of foreign-funded enterprises, most of them are local enterprises in the LED display market in China. At present, in addition to supplying domestic demand, local LED display manufacturers continue to export their products to foreign markets. In recent years, affected by cost pressures, some well-known LED display companies in the world have gradually moved their production bases to China. For example, Barco has set up a display production base in Beijing, and Lighthouse has a production base in Huizhou. Daktronics and Rheinburg have set up production plants in China. Mitsubishi and other companies have not yet entered the Chinese market, and are also optimistic about the development prospects of the domestic market. They are ready to enter the domestic market. With the international LED display production plant, the production base is continuously transferred to China, and many domestic LED displays are added. Local companies, China is becoming the main production base for global LED displays. In the field of LED display manufacturing, most domestic manufacturers are stuck in the assembly level, and most of the investment and core technology for technology research and development are in the hands of large international companies. DICOLOR is the three major LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen. It has been at the forefront of domestic counterparts in the development of new LED display products and the development of new applications. The LED display market is now undergoing tremendous changes, from fixed IMAG displays to mobile displays to current shaped screens and special deformed screens. In addition to the traditional information display, the LED display screen is further enhanced in terms of its appearance, making it better suited to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment. As a mature LED electronic display manufacturer, Decolor Optoelectronics not only has advanced equipment and a wide variety of LED display products, but also aims to provide customers with environmentally friendly LED displays.


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