Creative Creative SoundBlaster Roar Pro Bluetooth Speakers Out of the Box

I recently learned about a thousand-class Bluetooth speaker, in addition to the more popular Bose SoundLink Mini, JBL Charge, SONY h.ear go outside these. The reputation of the innovative Sound Blaster market is not bad.

Previously played for a period of earplugs, enthusiasts circle most often mentioned innovative AIR and LIVE two headphones. It's a bit of a pity that I never had a chance to play with these two headphones. Recently, from the friend's side, I got a Sound Blaster Professional Bluetooth speaker and played it.

Sound Blaster professional version of the packaging is more exquisite, the appearance of the speaker with a pale yellow font feel the packaging design unique style, the speaker side of the grid after a special treatment, feels a kind of concave and convex sense. The five-star praise in the upper right corner is very pleasing to the eye. There is a sense of urgency for curiosity. Can you tell us what kind of experience the five stars can bring?

The information volume of the bottom box is relatively large, and it can be regarded as a simple manual. In addition to describing the characteristics of the product, it also briefly introduces the product's features, and some technical parameters, parts list.

In addition to the speakers, the components include: charger, USB cable, AUX cable, and instructions. The charger is still relatively traditional round head charger does not turn MicroUSB charger.

The design of the speaker is quite satisfactory and square. Two-stage speaker design, the top part of the use of plastic material grinding process, the main control buttons and interface layout at the top. The main part uses a metal mesh surface and an open design facilitates the transmission of unit sounds. Although I haven't had any contact with the Sound Blaster 1 and 2 generations before, from the online pictures, the design changes and the previous products have not changed much.

Product description can be learned that a major feature is the 5-unit design, two 2.5-inch bass units and two 1.5-inch high-frequency units, while the bass unit is located on the left and right sides, perhaps in order to maximize the quality of the unit. The open design of the metal mesh surface also used on the left and right sides, but the side hole is much larger than the front surface.

The biggest advantage of open design is that the sound of the unit is filtered out less, and the quality level of the unit can be maximized. However, due to the full mesh surface design of the cavity, waterproof and dustproof is relatively poor, and the use environment will be higher. . Use caution to avoid water damage to the speakers.

Another function of this product is diversification, although the current Bluetooth speaker has a microphone, but also has a call function, but few recording functions, and this product has a recording function, not only recording function, but also USB decoding, SD card source playback. Integrated simple voice recorder, MP3 in one. These features correspond to some control buttons and interfaces located on the top of the speaker.


No contact with sound tyrants 1 and 2, do not understand its style, just from the sound of the sound tyrants professional version, the conservative way to take the tuning, the sound is relatively balanced distribution of three frequency, built-in 5-unit structure, in the sound of the three-dimensional framework Can hold up, a good sense of atmosphere and sense of space, obviously distinguish the hundred-class Bluetooth speaker that kind of pale voice.

Bass: The sense of low volume is abundant, but neither thick nor greasy. The elasticity is good. The potential is not very deep. The drum beats are not very big and the rebound is fast. The sound is clean.

Alto: The vocal performance is quite delicate, not thin or thick, no obvious tone, more natural. However, there is a lack of brightness in the sound. The sound was a little bleak, and it was evident in the female voice.

High frequency: Resolving power is not bad, with the level of thousands of speakers, the level of sense of the instrument is obvious, accurate positioning is not chaotic. There is the same problem as the intermediate frequency, and the brightness of the sound is not enough. Listening to some soprano tracks feels less than enjoyable.

Sound Blaster PRO has a special button ROAR. This button is officially called 啰吼 sound effect. Turning on this sound effect gives me the feeling that the player turns on high thrust mode, or is the difference between PO and Line output. The loudness has been improved, and the sense of space and three-dimensionality will also be better.

The speaker can also be connected via MicroUSB. After the driver is installed, it can be directly output from the USB and play the music through the decoding process of the speaker itself. This is more applicable to some computers with sound effects onboard sound cards, but his decoding cannot be completely used as a sound card. Drive third-party audio devices without AUX out jacks, and not with headphones or other speakers. And the driver management can open up the prefabricated sound effects, improve the sound experience of games and movies. I prefer to use his equalizer. This equalizer can be customized to adjust the sound style he prefers.

to sum up:

Sound Blaster professional version of this Bluetooth speaker as a whole is also a good product, has its own advantages, there are also some deficiencies.

Advantages: 1. Powerful, in addition to Bluetooth speakers, but also with recording and DAC capabilities.

2. From the sound point of view, the sound is full, there is a good three-dimensional, but also has the quality of thousands of speakers.

3. Although it is a 5-unit design, it is not heavy nor portable.

Disadvantages: 1. Whole body open design, lack of dust and water resistance, not suitable for outdoor wading and carrying water.

2. Although the overall sound of the speaker sounds good, it does not perform well in terms of sound brightness, and the performance of the song in the soprano and light music genre is not very good.

3. From the aspect of design, there is not much difference with the previous generation products, lack of innovation, the color matching is relatively single, lack of vitality and fashion elements.

From my personal point of view SoundBlaster Roar Pro is also a pretty good product. In addition to Bose SoundLink Mini, JBL Charge, SONY h.ear go, these products are also worth considering. of.

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