Chongqing builds flat TV 5 times in 5 years

In five years, the annual production capacity of flat panel TVs in Chongqing will increase from the current 1 million units to 5 million units. Yesterday, the city's Economic and Cultural Planning Commission drafted "Chongqing flat-panel TV industry strategic transformation and upgrading project planning book" disclosed that by then, only in parts and components procurement will amount to up to 10 billion yuan per year.

According to Zhou Shulin, director of the Electronic Manufacturing Department of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the localization rate of parts for flat-panel TVs in Chongqing is only about 60%, and key components such as LCD modules need to be purchased from the coast. It is reported that the city plans to support Haier Industrial Park in Chongqing during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, increasing the production line of flat-panel TVs from 2 to 8 and increasing the annual production capacity from 1 million to 5 million, driving LCD modules. Group, power supply and other key electronic components companies to build factories, and strive to 2012 flat panel TV parts localization rate of 90%. The selling price of a flat-screen TV is generally 3,000 yuan, of which 90% of the cost is purchased for parts and components. Based on this calculation, the purchase orders for parts and components of 5 million flat-panel TVs will exceed 10 billion yuan.

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