Bearish Q3 performance LED listed company's share price plummeted

Due to the external market, such as Greece, Spain and other countries, the European debt problem has become increasingly serious; after Japan's 3.11 earthquake, consumption power has fallen to the bottom; the US economy is weak. Coupled with the impact of domestic inflationary pressures, global economic growth slowed down, electronics manufacturers are still bearish on demand in the third quarter.

It is understood that in May, Taiwan's listed company LED packaging factory revenue reached 5.332 billion yuan, up 1.6% from the previous month, down 0.8% from the same period last year. Overall performance, LED backlight still performance is not as expected.

Industry insiders pointed out that due to the poor performance of LED backlights in May, LED TV market demand was sluggish this year, and the penetration rate was nearly 10% lower than previous estimates. And AUO's LED factory Ronda turned to the lighting market to see that the lighting market's 2011 revenue contribution is limited, it is difficult to make up for the lost revenue of the backlight, coupled with the average shipping unit price (ASP) pressure is still large, even if the revenue Zooming in, profit is still difficult to predict.

LED TV season 3 is in the doldrums. South Korea's AUO and Taiwan's Chi Mei Electric and other panel factories actively control the inventory, LED factory is also affected, LED TV, which was expected to recover in the second quarter and the third quarter, is once again affected. It is estimated that LED TV demand will be extended to the first It will only appear in season 4.

Affected by the deferred demand for LED TVs, the recent stock price of LED stocks continued to fall. Cree, the US chip giant, one of the world's top five LED manufacturers, has lost 22% of its share price since June and is an important indicator of the stock market. Today, Taiwan's LED listed companies such as Jingdian, Yuyuan, Dongbei, Hongqi, New Century and Edison have all fallen, and the new century, Edison and Hongqi are even more than the limit, and the stock price is mostly broken. As the financing breaks the selling pressure, the stability is yet to be seen.

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