Application analysis of pressure sensor in smart phone

The pressure sensor was first used on smartphones on the Galaxy Nexus, and some Android flagship phones launched later also included pressure sensors, such as the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 2 and Xiaomi 2, but everyone is still very new to pressure sensors. In fact, the pressure sensor is used here to measure atmospheric pressure, but what role does atmospheric pressure measurement have for ordinary mobile phone users?

Altitude measurement

For those who like mountain climbing, they are very concerned about their height. There are two common methods for measuring altitude, one is GPS global positioning system, and the other is measuring atmospheric pressure, and then calculating altitude based on the pressure value.

Due to technical and other limitations, the general error in GPS calculation of altitude is about ten meters, and if it is in a forest or under a cliff, sometimes GPS satellite signals cannot be received.

The air pressure method can be selected in a wider range, and the cost can be controlled at a relatively low level. In addition, the pressure sensor of mobile phones like Galaxy Nexus also includes a temperature sensor, which can capture the temperature to correct the result to increase the accuracy of the measurement result.

Therefore, adding the pressure sensor function on the basis of the original GPS of the smartphone can make the three-dimensional positioning more accurate.

Assisted navigation

Many motorists now use mobile phones to navigate, but there are often people complaining that navigation in the viaduct often makes mistakes. For example, when on a viaduct, GPS says to turn right, but in fact there is no right-turn exit at all on the right. This is mainly because GPS cannot judge whether you are on or under the bridge. Generally, the height of the upper and lower floors of the viaduct will be a few meters to a dozen meters, and the GPS error may be tens of meters, so it is understandable that the above things happen.

However, if a pressure sensor is added to the mobile phone, its accuracy can be 1 meter, so that it can assist GPS to measure the altitude, and the problem of wrong navigation can be easily solved.

Indoor Positioning

Since the GPS signal cannot be well received indoors, when the user enters a very thick building, the built-in sensor may lose the satellite signal, so the user's geographic location cannot be recognized and the vertical height cannot be perceived. If the mobile phone is equipped with a pressure sensor and then combined with accelerometer, gyroscope and other technologies, accurate indoor positioning can be achieved. In this way, when you shop in the mall in the future, you can use the mobile phone positioning to tell you where you want to buy the product in the mall, which floor.

In addition, the pressure sensor can also provide fishing enthusiasts with related information (fish stratification and activity related to atmospheric pressure) or weather forecasting. However, at present, the pressure sensor is still in a neglected state. To be understood and used by more people, the pressure sensor needs the maturity and popularity of some related technologies, and more developers launch more applications and functions for this sensor. .

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