Appliance industry vigorously promotes resource integration

Appliance industry vigorously promotes resource integration Compared with traditional channels, e-commerce has unique advantages. First of all, e-commerce channels are conducive to home appliance manufacturers to promote the brand, e-commerce through the advantages of category can be timely with the festival, hot spots to promote activities, combined with consumer habits, the product will be pushed to consumers. Consumers can share their purchasing experience with others in the first time, so that more consumers can understand this product. Second, e-commerce also has the ability to quickly and comprehensively display products. Many manufacturers hope to use the e-commerce platform to release new products, which can achieve speed, high efficiency, low cost, and wide coverage. Third, through the big data analysis and cloud computing processing provided by the information system, companies can provide targeted and precise marketing services to consumers and increase the likelihood of consumers purchasing again. Companies collect product experience to improve product R&D capabilities and make product positioning closer to the market.

For consumers, the selection of online consumer electronics products has gradually increased and they are attractively priced. They have become accustomed to home network purchases, and offline stores have gradually transformed into consumer experience centers.

In recent years, home appliance companies have expanded their online business. In terms of major home appliance companies, in 2012, Hisense TV reached about 4% of the overall channel in terms of e-commerce channels, and it is expected that this proportion will increase to 10% by 2013; Haier has upgraded e-commerce from the early stage of water testing to The company's strategy is to integrate the Group's four-network resources and form a strong advantage for the Internet. It will also open up the fast and modular supply chain of the previous segment to meet the needs of users. In terms of small household appliances, the companies represented by Jiuyang and Galanz are also transforming themselves and increasing investment in online business. Taking soybean milk machine as an example, as of April 2013, the retail volume of soya-bean milk makers online has increased by 27.01% year-on-year.

In this context, online sales of home appliances are gradually spreading from the primary and secondary markets to the tertiary and tertiary markets, extending from mid to low-end products to mid-to-high-end products. The rapid development of e-commerce has led to profound changes in the channels of home appliances.

At present, home appliance companies will encounter a choice when they are “on the line”, that is, how to balance home appliance stores and e-commerce sales channels? How to allocate online and offline, how to price? In fact, for home appliance companies, it is in home appliance stores. Selling on the e-commerce platform is like selling money in the left pocket or loading money in the right pocket. However, because the sales methods of online and offline products are not the same, the consumer groups faced are also different. At this stage, home appliance companies should sell products according to their product structure, target population of the main products and positioning and selection channels, and must earnestly increase brand and product strength to form a market control force, and rationally respond to the online market to seek low prices. Tend to avoid falling into a quagmire of price wars.

Judging from the direction of development, online and offline prices will be the trend of the times. The home appliance industry must innovate ideas, vigorously promote resource integration, and accelerate business model changes so as to advance with the times and win new development.

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