Analyze the design points and key points of LED candle lights

In the ranks of electric lights, LED candle lights can be said to be a good cost-effective lighting, it is worth buying. So, what are the design points and key points when designers design LED candle lights? Let me introduce you next!
The key part of the LED candle light is the LED, because its illuminator is the LED. The quality of the LED determines the performance of the LED candle light and the quality of its use. In general, designers design LED candle lights, which will select LEDs with higher brightness and more uniform illumination.
LED candle light is not made of transparent glass like other light bulbs. On the contrary, in order to increase its service life and prevent it from being broken, designers usually do not use glass to make transparency when designing. Made of plastic material.
Another feature of LED candle lights is their lightness. This requires the designer to use a lighter weight material when designing the material inside or outside the bulb.

Barbecue machine is a barbecue food machinery and equipment, its main function is to do all kinds of barbecue products. Mainly used for barbecue shops, mobile barbecue and so on.
The use of rotary grill grill grilled after a piece of barbecue from the barbecue, accompanied by salad dishes, ingredients into a special made in the bread. Visibility, on-site production, and popular in Europe and the United States. Become one of the mainstream street food fast food.
1 power: the range of 800-1600W, according to the actual situation. 2 grilled food: steak, shrimp, vegetables, ham and so on. 3 functions: 3.1 baking pan with a raised stripes, relying on the protruding stripes to bake the food, there will be drainage structure, slope or drain hole. 3.2 baking time is about 3-5 minutes. 3.3 thermostat is adjustable, according to the different food or personal taste to adjust the different. 3.4 heat pipe: According to the different grades of products, choose different specifications of the heating pipe. Generally fixed in the back of the heating plate, using high temperature stainless steel tube or nickel-chromium alloy tube INCO840, the latter cost higher. 3.5 generally do not need PCB control, FireWire to increase the temperature insurance. 3.6 within the wiring: the general use of hidden lines, hidden in the activities of the hinge of the shaft. 3.7 Other: need to take oil device, a separate configuration or drawer type oil box. 3.8 turn on the power, the red power light, the machine warm, until the green light into the food, wait 3 to 5 minutes.

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