An experimental office for setting up LED lighting and personnel position detection systems in Okamura, Japan

“New Generation Office Lighting System” that changes illuminance and color temperature according to season and time 24 hours a day, 365 days a week

A work light used to illuminate the surrounding area on a table. Power switch, illumination and color temperature can be adjusted via the upper touch sensor

On September 21st, Nikkei BP reported that Okamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established "Office Labo" for conducting empirical tests on systems under study in Tokyo. The office introduced the "new generation office lighting system" with LED lighting system released in July 2009, the "personal position information detection system" for analyzing where employees work, and the "noise" that is difficult to hear the conversation sound of the next room. "Sound Conditioning System" and so on. The company's operations, R&D, and design have approximately 60 employees in three departments working in a 710m2 space.

The goal of the new generation of office lighting systems is to automatically adjust the color and illumination of the light to create a comfortable working space based on seasonal and time zone changes. In addition, by using a combination of an upper light that illuminates the ceiling and a task light that illuminates the area around the employee, it is possible to save power while ensuring brightness. Power consumption can be reduced to 48% compared to lighting systems that originally used fluorescent lamps.

In the development process, the design work was carried out by the lighting designer Ishii. LED and power technology are under the responsibility of Rom. The rear guide lights use the company's basic lighting for store development, and the work lights use Downlight technology. In order to expand the light-emitting surface and evenly spread the light, a large number of medium-power LEDs are arranged.

The circular work light puts the concept design in the first place, so it takes pains to design the heat dissipation. If the light-emitting portion is simply covered by the spherical resin case, the upper portion of the lamp provided with the switch tends to collect heat, but the heat-dissipating holes and the heat-dissipating fins which are detrimental to the concept design cannot be provided. However, since this is a place that people will touch frequently, "set the temperature below 42 °C" (Rome). Therefore, a heat transfer path is provided inside to enable heat dissipation around the portion where the power cord is mounted, and the heat dissipation problem is solved by providing an inconspicuous heat dissipation hole on the outer casing.

Quantitatively evaluate workplace effectiveness

The personnel detection system uses NEC's indoor location management system "SmartLocator". The 30 transmitters installed on the ceiling receive the ID information of the location through the infrared transmission, and the signal is received by the portable terminal of the business card size carried by each person. The portable terminal transmits the location information and the terminal ID information to the management server to grasp the location of the portable terminal holder in the office in real time. This information is gathered to quantitatively analyze whether employees have communicated with others and whether the office space has been effectively utilized.

The noise-acquisition system makes a sound through the 43mm-thick ultra-thin speaker embedded in the partition wall, making it difficult to hear the conversation in the next room. By sounding an air-conditioned sound close to the frequency of the conversation, people are ignoring the conversation sounds in the next room. The volume can be adjusted in 8 levels.

Office Labo is designed according to the company's "Active Work Place" philosophy. The goal is to realize ideas by sharing the ideas and knowledge of each person through communication between employees while setting up a place where they can concentrate on creating ideas. Office Labo has a workshop and a project room for concentrating work, a coffee area as a place to communicate, and a discussion area with a sofa.

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