All districts in Yangcheng will be refitted with LED street lights within 5 years.

In these two days, when Mr. Shen, who lives in the 2nd building of Baodai New Village, slept at night, he felt that there was a lot of quiet outside the window, and the old problems of poor sleep were also lighter. It turns out that the light bulbs in the Baodai community have been replaced with LED lights that are directed to the ground in the past few days. Not only are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also the light pollution of the residents in the community.

The renovation of the residential lighting in Baodai New Village is only the beginning. Next, the Four Seasons Garden, Xincheng Garden, Jiangyangyuan, etc., the street lights of various districts in Yangzhou will gradually implement the LED new light source transformation. Yesterday, the author learned from relevant departments that Yangzhou will complete the renovation of 20,000 street lamps including various communities this year. It is expected that the city's community will fully cover LED lights within five years.

Installed 20,000 LED lights this year

“Baodai New Village is only part of the plan.” The relevant person in charge of the Urban Lighting Management Office said that according to the 20,000 street lamp renovation plan this year, Four Seasons Garden, Xincheng Garden, Yinyuan, Jungong Building, Jiangyangyuan, College Xincun, Lanxiangyuan The communities such as Qiuyu New Village, Dianchi Lake, Nianyi Village and Jiyunyuan will also be rebuilt in the year.

At present, including the renovation of dry road lights, the urban area has completed the renovation of 12,000 street lamps, and about 8,000 street lamps will be reconstructed in the second half of the year.

The staff of the High-tech Industrialization Division of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau introduced that the city has been included in the pilot city of the National “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” in the renovation of street lamps, and has formulated detailed implementation plans, which are divided into application pilots (2009-2010). And application promotion (2011-2015) two phases.

In the pilot phase of the application, the city will be equipped with more than 50,000 LED lighting fixtures, including 20,358 sets of municipal road lighting, 6,127 sets of residential lighting and 23,882 sets of urban lighting. This phase of work will be completed by the end of this year.

Residential lighting LED "full coverage" within 5 years

Starting next year, the city will enter the application promotion stage of LED lighting.

According to the implementation plan, during the period of 2011-2012, the city (district) will promote the application of more than 50,000 LED lighting fixtures, that is, by 2012, the urban area will be equipped with more than 100,000 LED lighting fixtures.

By 2015, 100% of secondary road lighting, residential lighting, and scenic lighting use LED lighting products, and 30% of urban main road lighting, commercial lighting and home lighting use LED lighting products.

The staff of the Science and Technology Bureau said that this also means that after five years, we will truly welcome LED lighting products into the city and enter the era of ordinary people's lives. In line with the urban life and the people's life in the LED era, it is the upgrading of Yangzhou's new light source industry.

No light pollution, the Baodai community is quiet at night.

Experts calculate the account, what are the benefits of using LED lighting

The public commented: Can LED lights be "lighted"?

Account telling you why to implement LED lighting renovation

Why did Yangzhou implement LED lighting renovation on a large scale? The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau pointed out that by 2010, the city will install more than 50,000 LED municipal lighting fixtures. It is expected to save 13.6 million kilowatt-hours per year and save 1710 tons of standard coal. Annual emission reduction of CO 23,000 tons, annual emission reduction of SO2400 tons, annual emission reduction of NOX 200 tons; by 2012, the application of more than 100,000 LED LED lighting, is expected to save 30 million kWh per year, saving 3,700 tons of standard coal, The annual emission reduction of CO2 is 28,000 tons, the annual emission reduction of SO2870 tons, and the annual emission reduction of NOX430 tons... This group of data calculates the energy saving and emission reduction effect.

From the economic point of view, the implementation of the "Yangzhou Semiconductor Lighting Application Demonstration Project" can effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional lighting industry in Yangzhou. In addition, after the completion of LED lighting renovation, it is expected to save 13.6 million kWh per year, equivalent to 11 million yuan in electricity costs; 88.3 million yuan in 8 years. From the initial input and output point of view, the LED lighting project is about 106.88 million yuan higher than the traditional light source project investment, but the annual maintenance cost can be 15.24 million yuan.

For users, the use of LED lights can recover the one-time initial investment difference of the project within 7 years. Moreover, with the industrial development trend of LED device light efficiency increasing by 30% every year and cost decreasing by 30% every year, the energy saving and emission reduction effect of LED light source lighting fixtures will be more significant.

The public commented: Can LED lights be "lighted"?

However, for most residential residents, the most intuitive benefit of implementing LED streetlight renovation projects is that there is no light pollution outside the window. Mr. Shen, a resident of the Baodai Community, is one of the beneficiaries.

"I have old problems sleeping at night, and there is no light outside the window." Mr. Shen said that there is a street lamp outside his window. There is a spherical lamp on the pole of the street lamp. The light is just in the bedroom and he sleeps. influences. "Now the street lights are replaced by LED lights, like a flashlight that shines down, the light shines on the road, there is no light on it, and the light pollution is gone." Mr. Shen said that it is much more comfortable to sleep at night.

However, some citizens also commented on the new lights. Even Mr. Shen’s wife even said: “It’s darker than the street lights in the past. The scope of the lighting is limited. When I enter the community, I feel that it’s black hole. In the past, I went upstairs and the lights can be shot into the corridor. The stairs look. Clearly, I can’t see it now, and I’m a little scared to go home at night.”

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Lighting Management Office said that the problem has been noticed at present: the newly installed street lamp is a "truncated Led Garden Light" with a power of only 45W. Previously installed traditional garden lights are 300w or 450w "glare luminaires", not cut-off luminaires, which do not meet the requirements of energy saving and glare control, and the light emitted directly to the eyes of pedestrians, the surrounding greenery and the windows of residents That is, people often say "light pollution." The staff said that they hope that residents can adapt to a period of time, because they used to be glare lamps, so the LED garden lights are much darker. In addition, the staff said, "The next step, they will consider increasing the density of street lights" to increase the brightness of the community.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau believes that to solve this problem, you can consider adding a long pole to increase the ground surface, or add a convex lens under the LED fixture, which can also increase the effect of the illuminated surface.

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