ADP5065: Compatible with USB Power Energy Fast Battery Charging Management Solution

ADI's ADP5065 is a FET device with embedded DC voltage charging output and battery terminals. Battery isolation is achieved through FETs. When the system drive power comes from a used battery or no battery, the system will immediately switch to USB power mode. The ADP5065 has an input voltage range of 4V to 5.5V and a maximum input voltage of up to 20V. There is no need to worry about the USB bus being disconnected or the peak during the connection. The ADP5065 charger is compatible with USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB battery charging specifications 1.1. The ADP5065 is available in a very small package in a 20-pin WLCSP package (0.5mm pitch).

Main features of ADP5065

• 3MHz switch mode charger


Figure 1 ADP5065 design schematic

• 1.25A dedicated charger charging current

• Up to 680 mA charging current (500mA USB host)

• Working input voltage 4.0V~5.5V

• Fault tolerant input voltage -0.5V~+20V (USB VBUS)

• Isolated FET between battery and charger output

• Battery thermistor input, automatically turn off the charger when the battery temperature exceeds the limit

• Meets JEITA Li-Ion Battery Charging Temperature Specifications

• SYS_EN_OK flag, suspend system turn-on (until battery minimum required)

• Start the system with the minimum battery voltage and / or minimum battery charge required level

• EOC programming, C/20, C/10 and selection of specific current levels

Table 1 List of materials for ADP5065 design



Figure 2 ADP5065 block diagram

ADP5065 application

• Digital camera

•digital camera

• Portable device with single-cell lithium-ion battery

• PDA, audio, GPS equipment

•Mobile phone

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