"2012 Traditional Lighting Transformation LED Lighting Strategy Roving Seminar" Zhongshan Station Ends

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Zhou Jianhua]

On the morning of October 19th, the "2012 Traditional Lighting Transformation LED Lighting Strategy Roving Seminar" jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED, Gaogong LED Mall and "High-tech LED Lighting Market" magazine was held at the Zhongshan Station Symposium on the third floor of Guzhen Lighting Plaza. The center was successfully held. The conference site was packed with more than 200 representatives from well-known traditional lighting companies, LED lighting companies and representatives of outstanding lighting distributors to discuss the traditional lighting industry transformation strategy.

Seminar event site

Transformation tides

During the seminar, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, Guo Huaguo, Managing Director of Minguang Lighting, Wang Wanchuan, General Manager of Xiaobailong Lighting, Lin Jiliang, Deputy General Manager of Mulinsen Lighting, Li Xiaoping, General Manager of Auman Lighting Technology, and Zhang Xuejun, Deputy General Manager of Laiya Lighting Investigative testing COO Li Sheng and other guests will jointly discuss the bottlenecks and countermeasures of traditional lighting transformation LED lighting, the cooperation mode and practice of LED lighting and traditional lighting, and the overseas sales strategy under the new situation of the lighting industry, and have more round-table dialogues. Answer questions for the audience.

According to data from the Higher Industrial Research Institute, the coverage of LED lighting products in China has risen from 41% in July 2011 to 87% in July 2012. The terminal's acceptance of LEDs has increased significantly, indicating that the LED market has gradually entered a period of large penetration.

“More than 75% of small and medium-sized traditional lighting companies have entered LED lighting production, and small enterprises have a clear direction of LED transformation and fast speed.” At the seminar, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, summarized the status quo of the transition.

"The market decided to manufacture, the traditional lighting transformation LED has become the trend of the times. At present, our LED sales account for about 30%." Wang Wanchuan, general manager of Xiaobailong Lighting, which is the main energy-saving lamp, said that LED will gradually increase, but There will be no rush. "The road to replacement is still very long. I think this process will go in the direction of 'inheritance-integration-symbiosis-substitution'."

“The transition period is the process of big waves and sands.” This is a relatively consistent view of the reporters interviewing the heads of enterprises and dealers at the seminar.

According to incomplete, the number of LED application companies currently exceeds 7,000, but there are less than 10% of companies that have independent channels, independent brands and independent research and development. The number of traditional lighting lighting companies exceeds 20,000, of which more than 2,000 domestic energy-saving lamps manufacturers. Once the traditional lighting lighting army has transformed into the LED field, its fierce competition is even more self-evident.

"Now it is a period of mud and sand, so our LED sales have increased by more than 35% from January to August this year, but in the next five years, we will only develop steadily according to market capacity without blind expansion." Zhang Xuejun, deputy general manager of Laiya Lighting Said.

After all, in the round-table dialogue, six guests agree that the LED replacement penetration rate will be between 30% and 50% in the next five years. It will reach 75 to 85% after 10 years.

Luo Quanxing, vice president of Shanghai Luyuan, said in an interview with a senior engineer. "In the past two years, I have been groping forward in the transition, and I have begun to take a lot of detours. Therefore, the positioning and strategy in the transition period is more important than speed and scale. Chaos, big and equal are the main causes that can easily lead to transformation failure."

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