2006 American Love "Untouched Lovers"

â—ŽLovers who can't reach the name of the translation/Love letter/Lake House jumping time and space â—ŽThe name of The.Lake.House
â—ŽYear 2006
â—Ž Country USA â—Ž Category Drama / Love / Fantasy â—Ž IMDB Rating 6.7/10 from 87,347 users
â—Ž Language English /
â—Ž Captions in Chinese and English Captions â—Ž 98 mins 33 seconds
â—Ž Director Alejandro Aquisti Alejandro Agresti
â—Ž starring Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves .... Alex Burnham
Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock .... Kate Forster
Nathan Adloff .... Extra
Sori Anderslow Shohreh Aghdashloo ....
Willeke van Ammelrooy .... Kate's Mother
Mike Bacarella .... Mulhern
April Chancy .... Pedestrian, Driver
Lynn Collins ....
Matthew Burton Coyle .... Man at Fourth of July Celebration
Tavares Davies .... Flag Man
Brandon DeShazer ....
Scott Elias.. Doug
Diane Fisher .... Restaurant Patron
Lori Ann Gerdisch .... ICU Nurse
Thaddeus Griebel .... Restaurant Patron

â—Ž Brief introduction

Story: Beautiful Lake Cottage in Illinois

On a cold morning, the short-haired pretty Kate Foster (Sandra Bullock) is about to leave the beautiful lakeside hut in Illinois to work at a busy Chicago hospital. Unwilling to leave Kate, a place that was bright and bright, and even able to see the lake in the room, left a letterhead in the mailbox outside the door, hoping that the next guest in the cottage could contact him. By the way, I explained that the paw prints that couldn't be wiped off at the front door already existed when I moved in. I hope you don't mind.

The next tenant of the lakeside lodge, Alex Weller (Keanu Reeves), was an extremely talented architect who lost his way. The cottage has special significance for Alex. This is the design of the father of the famous architect who hasn't been seen for many years. It has been an ancestral house for a long time. It is totally unattended in Alex's eyes: dusty. It was overgrown with weeds and the front door had no claw prints that Kate had been chanting.

At the moment of picking up and rebuilding the hut, Alex began to enjoy the beautiful and unexpected calmness of the lake, and he was completely indifferent to the letterhead Kate left. Until a few days later, a stray big dog had no intention to step on his freshly painted breakwater, leave the paw prints mentioned by Kate at the front door of the hut, and puzzled Alex finally decided to return a letter asking why Kate had never known Lake Lodge and live dog paw prints of other guests. In the correspondence, the two talked about trivialities, hopes, loss and everything, but they also discovered that the space between them was actually two years apart. The connection between the two people who gradually loved each other was just the mail box that stood beside the lakeside hut. ......

â—ŽSee point

The east wind gradually separated by time and space

The wonderful letter stringed the epistle of the epistle, the time brought “passing by”, romantic and heart-breaking love bitterness, when the 1998 Hsing Hyun met with grace in 2000, “Savage Girlfriend” Jeon Ji Hyun gentle collision “Sven "Hard guy," said Lee Jung Jae, a Korean movie enthusiastic about the separation of space and time to achieve a moment of unforgettable love. As the east wind gradually rose, the winds in Asia in recent years have become quite fierce in Hollywood. As one of the top ten selling shows in South Korea, the "unreachable lover" has caused Warner's interest.

Although I do not know that the delicate and clear of the East can not cope with the old French fries hamburger appetite, but the adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winning screenwriter David O'Brien covered the quality assurance, 12 years ago with "Life and Death" won MTV Movie Awards Best screen couples and best-kissing gold partners Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, who have held hands again after many years, will always bring a few romantic memories. Although the young protagonists are no longer young, they lacked the popular taste of youthful invincibility. However, the quiet and light vicissitudes of life have a deeper taste.

Fast-food porridge

Horror is amazing in Japanese style. The gangster action movies can be used for reference. If you talk about the love of soup noodles, Korean flavor is popular in Asia in recent years. Hollywood, which has been convenient for the past few years, has naturally made it easier to remake the film. Applying the original version to change tastes, a pot of big soup will come out. It will not be confined to this small issue but it is not considered.

The faint mourning and heartache in "Untouched Lovers" is more like the postcard in memory that is full of love, and the remake of the female director is also delicate. For the old beauty of the rectum, this love is not much of a shocking moment, there is no strong emotion to die, no attempt is made to create mystery and loss, nor is it deliberately mixed with a funny story, more like a porridge Can it stir up strange resonance?

The “action hero” and “kinship with the people” 12 years later have been hand in hand. The lakeside huts that have been found in the 4 states of the United States are indeed cool and moving. However, in this era of telephone text message emails, the letters of anti-corruption are waiting, If the fateful fate of love is another, or is it a transcendental love of time and space that transcends reality, will it be able to shed tears?

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2006 American Love "Untouched Lovers"

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